Determination to Succeed

To start off, let me share with you my personal experience – making money on the Internet is not easy, especially when you are new to it. There are lots of things that need to be done before diving into the world of making money on the Internet – such as doing lots of research and reading up to make sure I know the complete picture about making money on the Internet, planning on strategies I want to take to make money on the Internet, putting my plans into actions, review the results and change my strategy, if not successful. All these take time, and I mean lots of time, and not forgetting determination and self-discipline.

I am not trying to scare you off with that. Let me tell you something – attaining success is NEVER easy. Ask the entrepreneurs, ask people who are successful. They will definitely tell you that they have put in a lot of hard work before they managed to smell success.

I am sure you do encounter problems in life – either in school, at work, between friends and family members, etc.

Let me ask you a question – what do you do when you encounter problems in life ? Do you sit down and just whine and complaint or do you think of how to solve the problem ?

For me, I will sit down and review the whole situation and find out exactly what went wrong. I will then think of possible solutions I can take to solve the problems. Not only that, I will also talk to friends and people I’m comfortable with to seek their opinions, as two brains are always better than one. How about you ?

Always remember this – One should NEVER give up when encountered problems. If you give up at the slightest obstacle, you will NEVER succeed. Trust me. You never will. The reason is because in order to succeed, you need to get past numerous obstacles.

The same goes for doing an online Internet business. You will definitely meet obstacles in some stage. Do not give up. Keep trying and you’ll definitely succeed.

Determination to succeed

Before we start off on our money making journey, picture yourself at the start of a highway.

You are now going to travel from one end of the highway to the other.

That is my aim, and so here I am, blogging about my adventures and sharing with you whatever I have on online Internet marketing.

To achieve my aim, I have to constantly enrich myself by reading books as well as resources on the Internet, digest and translate them into lay-man terms so that it is understandable for everyone.

You may be asking me this – “This blog is supposed to be on ways to get rich. So far you have not posted anything on how exactly can we make money on the Internet.”

Yes, I have yet to post anything on how to make money on the Internet for a simple reason – because I want to get all of you in the right frame of mind first. Only with a correct attitude and a right frame of mind, we will be able to move in the correct direction and make all the correct decisions. I always believe in the saying “Attitude determines Altitude”.

The going will be tough, but always tell yourself this – “I WILL DEFINITELY SUCCEEED.” Keep going. DO NOT GIVE UP.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you have participated in a 5 km race. The race has just started. You feel energetic, bursting with energy and full of zest, and you managed to overtake lots of runners. However, half-way through the race, when your energy start to run out, you’ll feel mentally and physically tired and have a strong urge to stop. At that point in time, do you feel like stopping ? Many of us would.

Whether you’ll be able to finish the race will depend on what you tell you brain.

If you keep telling yourself “I’m going to die if I don’t stop.”, “I’m never going to make it to the finishing point”, “I am so tired. I feel like quitting”, I can tell you that you’ll never be able to finish the race. You’ll eventually give up.

However, if you tell yourself “I will definitely reach the ending point !”, “I can do it !”, “I am NOT going to give up !”, you will be able to find the energy within you to continue running and finish the race.

What I’m trying to tell you is this – whether we succeed or not, it is all in our mindset. If we program our mind telling it to continue moving towards our goal despite of setbacks or obstacles, we WILL definitely succeed.

I would like to recommend some self-improvement books which helped me a lot in improving myself personally :

– The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey- 360 Degree Leader by John C Maxwell

Hope you’ll find them useful too.